Apples will help to prevent heart disease, as well as reduce the risk of cancer due to the content of flavonoids

It has been scientifically proven that regular consumption of foods containing flavonoids help reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. These products include apples. As a result of numerous studies, it has been proved that:

  • daily consumption of flavonoids in the amount of 500 mg has a positive effect in the fight against the appearance of diseases;
  • the use of additional flavonoids does not affect the development of cardiovascular disease but reduces the likelihood of cancer.

Researchers claim, that daily consumption of green tea and apples, which contain in their composition numerous flavonoids reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as the possibility of cancer cells. Flavonoid has a strong natural anti-inflammatory effect and male enhancement effect (more read here: .

According to research, people who regularly consume foods containing flavonoids are less likely to experience cardiovascular disease and cancer than people whose diet contains less or no such foods. Flavonoids have such strong anti-inflammatory properties that they have a positive effect even on people with nicotine and alcohol dependence. These are the findings of researchers who have studied the diet of more than 50 thousand different people for 23 years.

Include flavonoids in your daily diet

It is scientifically proven that the use of at least 500 mg of flavonoids per day guarantees a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as cancer. Its additional use will not reduce the likelihood of heart disease, but the growth of cancer will reduce.

Researcher Dr William Lee notes that people’s health directly depends on their daily diet. Each person is able to independently influence the likelihood of developing cancer or heart disease in his body by daily consumption of products containing flavonoids. They have a strong natural anti-inflammatory effect.

Teresa Baczkowski, which is the Manager of clinical nutrition, noted that various products contain various compounds flavonoids. That is why it is very important to consume several of these products every day. These include:

  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • green tea;
  • dark chocolate;
  • red wine.

It is necessary to use these products daily in combination to achieve maximum effect in the prevention of heart disease and cancer.

Anti-inflammatory effect

As a result of research of various food products of plant, origin revealed more than 6 thousand flavonoids. Although the science is not exactly established, thanks to what flavonoids have anti-inflammatory effects, but its positive effect on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer is undeniable.

A special category consists of people who smoke and drink a lot of alcohol. They are at the greatest risk of numerous serious diseases in their bodies. However, even in such cases, flavonoids have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and reduce the risk of such diseases.

Two years ago, the international journal of epidemiology published the results of a study that said flavonoids block the growth and reproduction of cancer cells in humans.

Numerous researchers say that studies conducted in the field of nutrition and its effects on human health are very important. However, there are still many new discoveries ahead. It is necessary to continue research in this direction to achieve even greater results.