Oils for Penis Enlargement

In search for a bigger size, men often choose to try penis enlargement oils. While there is no proven evidence for now that this approach really works, many people still decide to take a chance. This is because this is an affordable and easy-to-use method. There is a number of considerations that you should keep in mind to get the maximum effect and avoid unexpected problems. Read on to know more.

Use Properly

penis oilProper use often decides what you get. Once chosen a penis enlargement product, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and never try to force the train of events. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to consult your doctor first to get a specific recommendation.
The next step, which should not be skipped for safety reasons, is testing. Put some drops of oil onto your forearm and rub it in thoroughly. Cover with a bandage. After 24 hours, check the area for irritation, redness or another adverse body reaction. If everything’s OK, you may proceed to using the oil as the label prescribes. Avoid overdosing.
Prior to starting an oil penis enlargement course, it is also a good idea to talk to your partner because she may face side effects too. Make her undergo the same test. If any unusual symptoms occur, give up using the remedy and try to find another method that suits.

Possible Side Effects

Penis enlargement oils do not fall into a category of FDA-regulated remedies. This means neither their effectiveness nor related risks were investigated and reported in a trustworthy way. Sometimes, such formulations can be unsafe or at least useless. Here is an outline of adverse body reactions to watch out for:

  • skin redness or irritation;
  • rash, blisters;
  • itching or burning on the affected area once the oil is applied;

If ignored, the reactions can aggravate to transform into a more severe problem like hives or even blisters with pus.

Product Contents

To make sure the oil you choose really can be effective, read its label carefully to find out what active ingredients it is built around. If you see some of the following, the product may be worth your attention:

  • L-arginine. This substance is widely used in the penis enlargement and sexual performance boosting industry. The amino acid has a proven track record of treating erectile dysfunction and reducing related symptoms effectively. The most powerful ingredient in penis growth pills, about which you can read Male Extra results.
  • Panax ginseng. Added to formulations to improve the quality of erections, this herbal ingredient works through relaxing muscles around the penile area. The ingredient features proven safety and effectiveness.
  • Gingko biloba. This is another herbal ingredient widely used in topical supplements, creams etc. It boosts the sexual function and stimulates the blood flow. Improvement of sexual arousal in women is an extra advantage.

To conclude, oils can be a good penis enlargement method provided that you do not skip the above test and pick a product wisely. It’s really easy-to-use so there are no obstacles to giving such a product a try. Still, stay on alert. If something goes wrong, seek medical help immediately.

How to Talk to Your Partner About Sex

Even if you feel intimacy with your beloved one, having a frank talk about sex may be a challenging task. This is because many people struggle with finding proper words to give their hidden desires or fears an acceptable form. Still, communication is an important part of coitus, especially for women. Talking about what you expect from your intimate meetings is a skill worth mastering. If applied properly, it can help not only improve your sexual experience but also strengthen your relations. Let’s review some topics that couples discuss the most often in respect to sex.

Sexual Health and STIs

In the beginning of your relationship, it looks uneasy and embarrassing to ask your potential partner to get tested or tell you about his/her health problems. Still, doing this at an early stage, even before you go to bed for the first time, is rewarding. Settling the issue right away will boost your confidence and remove psychological barriers.
Consider the fact that many of those infected with HIV actually do not suspect they are in such a trouble. On the other hand, the human papillomavirus is a kind of infection that almost every adult person gets at least once during their sexually active period of life. The same refers to other STIs. So knowing your own and your partner’s sexual health condition is a major factor if you want to make your relations more relaxed and careless.

Birth Control

This is another topic that many couples hesitate to discuss frankly. Affecting both partners involved, pregnancy is an option to be talked about in the beginning of your relations. Some people don’t like using condoms during sex. On the other hand, a woman taking birth control pills may face side effects. You should have an open conversation to come up with a mutually acceptable solution. Given there are numerous different approaches to birth control, take your doctor’s advice into consideration.

How Much Sex

How often you are going to have sex sometimes needs to be agreed in advance. Obviously, the frequency should be acceptable for both partners involved. Such an agreement requires being open enough to talk about your needs and desires. On the other hand, each of the parties should be willing to hear and accept what the other says.
Asking for less or more sex is a sensitive topic. To avoid judgment, some people are afraid to show they need sexual relations less or more often as compared to a perceived average norm, which actually does not exist. This is the question of your pleasure and delivering pleasure to your beloved one. So finding a balance is a must if you do not want to encounter offences and misunderstanding in the future.
Consent is the concept closely related to this paragraph’s subject. To have sex, there should be consent from both parties, no matter how long you have been in relations. Even when it comes to a permanent partner, forcing is inacceptable. Remember that coitus is the act with two individuals involved so the result should be mutual satisfaction.

Consider Using These Vitamins With Inflammation

It is common knowledge that vitamins are extremely healthy compounds. Consuming them with food is certainly the right choice for everyone who pays at least a drop of attention to their body condition. Fortunately, vitamins are quite affordable; you can find them not just in fresh fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs, but also in the form of dietary supplements marketed by numerous brands.

Topical studies show that one of the benefits you can expect from ingesting this kind of compounds is suppressing inflammatory processes occurring in the body. Below, you can find an overview of vitamins known to have pronounced anti-inflammatory action and related dietary sources.

  • Vitamin A is famous for its ability to prevent excessive immune system response, which often lead to inflammation. Vitamin A can take two forms: beta-carotene, which acts as a provitamin once in the body, and an antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals present in the body. Based on these properties, one can conclude that foods rich in Vitamin A are a healthy type of diet. Look for this compound in carrots, spinach, leaf vegetables, dandelions etc.
  • Vitamins B are actually a whole group of vitamins. When it comes to inflammation prevention, Vitamin B6 is of special interest. It was proven that people suffering from B6 deficit are more prone to inflammatory processes: for example, patients with rheumatoid arthritis are a major group of risks. To avoid this kind of problems, consider consuming foods rich in B-group vitamins, such as mushrooms, bell peppers, tuna, kale, and poultry. Folic acid, another B vitamin, is known to prevent inflammation too. Liver, asparagus and dark leaf greens are a good source to benefit from.
  • Vitamin C is probably the most appreciated representative of this class of compounds. It is often attributed almost magic properties, and for a reason. It possesses strong antioxidant properties effectively fighting against free radicals, which are a major factor when it comes to inflammatory processes. Eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is an ultimate way to satisfy your body’s need for this compound and reinforce your immune system. Additionally, this will lower potential risks of getting cardiovascular problems and cancer. Good news for women – vitamin C is used in natural breast enlargement.
  • Vitamin D, according to numerous relevant study reports, is directly related with preventing inflammation of different nature in the human body. Unfortunately, there is reliable evidence that approximately 40% of people suffer from Vitamin D deficit, which increases risks significantly. You can be surprised to know that it is actually quite easy to consume this compound. The secret is that it is produced by the skin when the latter is exposed to sun rays. Nevertheless, it is advisable to eat egg yolks, fish and organ meat to make sure you have sufficient supply any time.
  • Vitamin E shows strong antioxidant properties too, so this compound is highly beneficial for people suffering from chronic or latent inflammatory processes. Nuts, sunflower seeds, almond, spinach, avocado and many vegetables can help you avoid its deficit.

All these vitamins are also available in supplements. Still, if you opt for this way of supply, avoid uncontrolled consumption.