Breast Enhancement Pills or Surgery: Which Is Better?

Breast enlargement is in high demand today. It’s no wonder that industry professionals have come up with several options to achieve the goal. Surgical bust shape correction is probably the most famous and popular one, which is due to almost 100% satisfaction rate associated with this approach. Why people need other methods too is because any invasive procedure is fraught with risks. Many believe breast enhancement supplements can be a good and safer alternative. Let’s dig in to find out how things actually stand in this domain.

Breast Enhancement Basics

Consuming certain plant-based substances to get a bigger breast is not a revolutionary approach discovered by modern scientists. It has been used in indigenous medicine since ages. Once people had realized breast correction surgery was not a perfect solution, they intensified their efforts to find out a valid alternative. It was then that topical supplements based on modern knowledge and technologies stepped in.

Initially, the pills contained just a blend of substances pretending to boost the breast growth. With time, however, the focus of researches shifted from the mechanism itself towards safety. This is because the first products contained lots of unhealthy preservatives, which impeded gaining popularity by this method. Nowadays, most topical products are claimed to be 100% natural. Instead of chemicals, the formulations are built around phytoestrogens – a natural substance derived from herbal raw materials and mimicking the effect of estrogens. The latter is a hormone that the human body, both male and female, produces on its own. Its levels determine the secondary sexual characteristics of an individual. This means it is possible to achieve bust correction by adjusting the estrogen levels in the body.

Can Breast Enhancement Supplements Beat Surgery?

The good news is that this natural mechanism really works. Phytoestrogen-based supplements activate processes similar to those that the female body undergoes during a puberty development period. This being said, the Mother Nature itself provides us with a method to make certain shape adjustments if we are not satisfied with what we currently have.

Along with effectiveness, safety is a prominent feature characteristic of this approach. The highly competitive market environment urges manufacturers to come up with new, advanced natural formulas. Fortunately, there are many herbs to derive topical extracts from. Another advantage of such market conditions is that prices are quite affordable. Generally, breast enhancement pills are a much cheaper solution than any surgical manipulation.

As for risks, the supplements are superior to surgery in this respect too. Topical remedies for oral use are known to cause only minimum side effects, such as higher breast sensitivity, nausea, vaginal discharge etc. Actually, these are symptoms typical for the puberty period. You can hardly compare them with carcinogenic risks or infections accompanying breast correction surgery.

Is This a Unanimous-Decision Victory?

While estrogen-based natural supplements possess the abovementioned advantages, many people still prefer a surgery way. This is because each method has its pros and cons.

Executed at a reputable clinic, surgery can bring a prompt effect. Additionally, a doctor can satisfy a client’s specific requirements, which is impossible with supplements. In the latter case, the resulting shapes and the extent of changes cannot be estimated beforehand. It’s no wonder that many people opt to have a predictable result.

Some of the effects supplements provide are only temporary. This means you need to take the pills continuously to keep the achievements. Instead, surgery is a ‘do and forget’ solution. Anyways, what you choose is a matter of your personal preference. So it is advisable to consider all pros and cons prior to taking a decision.